Sunday, April 18, 2004

A tribute to the W&M crew:

TRANSFERS!TRANSFERS!THIS WAY!/ we HEARD you / your mom's a that/procrastination validation/ enablers/ BGA /ball throwing without implications /stalkers /consentual stalking /gospel of thomas /do you have to pee? yes do you have to pee? yes!/ kmrod2/POS/ high quality y chromosone /your mom/dana grind sandwich /cars=butts /ass/ boyfriends/ What? a five year old?/everyone follow the little one in pink/now for your moment of zen/your kiss is on my list/is that an egyptian?/im practicing being trashy/hilaaaaaaarious/crapcrapcrapBEEP/uum...yeaahh/roll out/howse/william!_andmary!/freal yo/James Blair/el dillardo/el soo bar o/FC baby FC/dorX/did you ladies not hear the fire alarm goin off?!/diversity=yankee, spaniard and a country girl/dude,hilde made this acrylic table, and it was kick-ass!/

Joey! Sit down!/Well…yeah…I mean…yeah/Dahm!!/Murderers!!/Whateva, whateva, I do what I want!/Geriatric player/Fascist/Lifeguard Ken, you’re on the INTERNET!!/Excuse me, sir, if you do not stop splashing, I will be forced to remove you from the aquatic FACILITY! THANK YOU!/Breezy/Focuuus/Subie/Mattress on the floor/Stalkees/Megger dolls/Dahm!/Joey sit down!/well yah i mean yah/murderers/whateva whateva/geriatric playa/fascist/let's talk like computers/that's a really nice minivan/enablers/your mom/WIH/treatsee/pos-word/idontthinksoannie/bangbangbang/lunch art/silver stare/interesting/what in ze hell/giiiirl, my man Lavert/a fish-sicle/now, im going to go and show THE PLAN to someone else/yo/aight/excuse me, jen garcia?/hoist/

Ginny, is your dad's name CHARLES?/DumbASS!/I need drugs/funders/that would have been a bad life decision/i wanna poop in a hole/jess, i'm irish. i know what it feels like./D: I want to have his baby...wait, no I just want to have a conversation with him. J: There is a big difference between wanting to have his baby and talking to him. D: There are only a few steps in between!/study...cute religion boys.../work is overrated/that rollercoaster gives me t-rex arms!/tickets...check!/i could grab his leg or I COULD GRAB HIS ASS/sip responsibly/what the fuck is this?!/high powered phallic symbols/i want to be a human cannonball/backseat, middle, feet on the hump/tuna casserole without the tuna/odd duck/unpossible/katie's gonna lay down the smack/i like boys/i do not want to sound queer or nothing/or will i impart upon your body an apocalypse of love?/jess, you're going to marry a pauper/katie, you're undead!/that's special/you know, it would make my life a lot easier if we could trade sexual favors for As/

It's just something about the dick/A...its him, B...its her...&C...what the hell?/there are some huge big fat ass monster flakes falling out there/why should we gender segregate our alcohol?/i timed that shit!/i could have bought a cheap lapdance/is he gay? no he's british!/ i have a lot of trouble to cause between now and may/i am a WALRUS. my tusks can lift me onto ICE and ROCKS/if i saw Osama Bin Laden, I would have been just as scared/if you had a pole, wouldn't you ride it too?/maybe we should try a different branch of the military every weekend/what good is a finger if it doesn't bend?/your hair is like a party, mine is more like a study session/who do I have to fuck to get Tiffany's?/i don't have a problem with spontaneity, except in people who don't normally do it/i have advice for you both: jess, stop whining. katie: stop being a meanASS!/

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