Sunday, August 08, 2004

Finally starting to think about packing stuff for the big move. Leah started her packing today for VT. I'm currently trying to convert all my old notes from notebooks into big binders so I can transport them more easily. What a pain. Maybe I'll just take the laptop to all my classes in grad school and have virtual notes. So much less weight to carry when you're moving your life around.

I went shopping yesterday with the ladies - my grandma, aunt, cousin, mom and sister and I take periodic trips down to Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem because it's bigger and better than our own mall here. Interestingly enough, I found out last summer that people who live up in Harrisonburg make the same shopping trip, only they drive two hours down to Roanoke, whereas we drive two down to W-S.

I was reminded yesterday of something that I've known for a while - I am not a shopper. As if you couldn't tell this by my utter lack of fashion style. After about the first two hours, the sheer amount of STUFF in that one building starts to grate on my nerves. I'm not saying I don't enjoy getting new things, I do. And I wish I could develop some sort of personal style, expand my wardrobe to include items other than those off the sale racks in Old Navy and Target. But maybe I could find a better way to do that than spending entire days in the mall, surrounded by mass produced STUFF that no one who is there to buy really needs.

My birthday is coming up, and of course the family is asking for a birthday list. But I don't need anything, especially anything else that I have to somehow fit into a car to take to Atlanta, and I don't really want anyTHING. An wishlist with a ton of books, and maybe an iTunes gift card are pretty much all I want. Oh, and my education paid for.

But seriously, I don't know how to communicate the message that I am trying to rid myself of STUFF in an inoffensive way. I've tried before, telling my family that I really don't want Christmas gifts, but it seems to upset them so much that I abandoned the principle, broke down and wrote up a list the next year. STUFF just weighs me down, pulls me farther and farther away from the authentic.

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