Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I've lost the moon.
It was there, and then it wasn't. Disappeared. Evaporated.
Or, maybe, just eclipsed for a while.

I'm disturbed a bit by the implications. Does this mean the apocalypse is just around the corner? After all, the apocalypse of '03 did begin around the Harvest Moon. I'll be monitoring this situation closely.

Tomorrow, after a full day of class and prison (sometimes hard to tell which is which), my people will arrive and I will get to participate in perhaps the best tradition of fall...VT football. Seriously, I don't know about you baseball fans. I just can't take all that anxiety. In the time it takes for one guy to do his thing at bat, you could have had eight plays on the football field, with all kinds of running, throwing, and bone-crushing. Ah, the bone-crushing. I heart it.

Of the week:
Scary sign that we are actually adults: two friends with new abodes of their own

Song: Mutual Kumquat's "My Love For You," on constant replay in my head

Book requiring all together too much thinking: Jeffery Stout, Democracy and Tradition

Celebration: Birthdays - my Mom, Eva, and two of the Johns

Food: Oreos, since they're about the only thing left in my kitchen, BUT hopefully tomorrow the oppression will cease, the bells will toll and all will be right with the world when JoJo brings me a new supply of PARTY MIX. (God help all those who must be around me for the (very small) time period that it takes me to consume it all)

I heart this life moment: pink and lavender sunrises greeting me as I walk to school early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Words I want to use when I'm a professor: "I just want to think with you about this." -Ted Smith

Got an exciting "of the week" ya want to share?

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