Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tired of thinking about the trinity and the resurrection.
Who cares anymore?
Not me.

But, I have a CT midterm on Thursday, which requires me to think about them. Luckily, my roommate is a drummer, so we set the Nicene creed to music and rhythm. We're attempting to get it uploaded somehow and share it with the world. I think it might lead to a revolution: just imagine, if you will, mass and liturgy, celebrated all over the world. When you get to the recitation of the Creed, everyone stops, desists with the dry, inflectionless recitation, and sings this original ditty.

Our inspiration for melody and rhythm is unique to each part of the trinity, excuse me, each state of being of the Godhead: Amy Grant's cheesy reverence for the Father, old-school rap and a bit of ballad for the Son, and ending with a bang in the sing-song voice so common to those songs you sung at summer camp for the Holy Spirit.

Somehow, they all work together. All we can say is, "it's a mystery."


JESS said...

Grad school should not have grades. We should just be given pass or fail. What does it matter at this point if we can memorize shit. Shouldn't we just apply it, in my case, to research. If I ruled the world, we'd all be given the chance to relax more than take any exams. Bleh

Anonymous said...

Well then Dana, so nice to stalk you from RICHMOND on your BLOG!!!

Now, to get that drumming and memorizing on the internet, you are gonna need to make a phone call to your infamous IT roomie.

She would definately know how to get it up and running and on the WWW for the world to hear or well at least your STALKERs!!

From your favoritest roomie,