Sunday, October 17, 2004

We all know what happens when you assume.

For instance, just because a restaurant is situated in a strip mall in between the antique store and the grocery/porn store, don't assume that it will be affordable, much less grad-student budget friendly. It turns out that you make large asses of yourselves when you enter the South of France restaurant on Cheshire Bridge wearing jeans and sweatshirts, have no reservations, order only salads, and can't seem to appreciate the acoustic rendition of "Let it Be" sung by the random smiley woman. I vow never to pass up Nicauraguan cuisine again - no matter how may sketchy people are hanging around outside. The only thing "memorable" (as it was described in the menu) about my unfulfilling meal at South of France was the $20.00 I paid for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dana, it's Ginny! Well, sorry about your less than memorable meal- you will have to come have a meal at my new restaurant! Not really mine, other than the fact that I work there and am supposed to have the ingredients of the entire menu memorized (but really, a girl has priorities...). If you do make it up to northern Virginia, parties with employees get 50% off the food part of the bill (sadly that doesn't include alcohol).
Anyway, long blog comment I know, but as you know, on occasion I am known to ramble...