Sunday, November 28, 2004

I'm thankful for these things:

family, mountains, and football

a place where learning and faith can co-exist, and, on occassion, intersect

airplane rides that take you above all the stormclouds, right into another realm of clear, starry skies and bright, full moons, a realm where everything is clear, and the view stretches unimpeded for hundreds of miles

direction, motivation, passion

an incomprehensible, ineffable sense of God

country music. yes, country music. because the twang and the stories have in them the essence of home and comfort.

bed-ridden great great aunts whose outbursts of profanity meant to shock provide endless hours of morbid-stained humor.

and, you, yeah, you, O Great BlogStalker. without you, my ramblings would go round and round forever, never leaving the confines of my crazy, messed up mind.

1 comment:

JESS said...

I left a part of my soul back in Roanoke for a while
So glad it's in the kind care of your family
I could use big Cassell family dinner at the Home Place