Saturday, December 04, 2004

Oh, the joy when academia and real life intersect.

Here's an excerpt from an article I read this week for Christian Ethics/Christian Practice:

"The complicating our ability to negotiate the boundary between public and private, making it hard to recover a private self that has been voluntarily exposed. Consider the proliferation of weblogs -personal internet journals that often combine political musings with intimate disclosures about daily life. There are more than half a million, according to a recent estimate...Often, these diaries are virtually unreadable examples of self display, dreary accounts of daily navel gazing whose primary function seems to be therapeutic. But they reflect a common but treacherous error: that thoughts appropriate to reveal to friends and intimates are also appropriate to reveal to the world."

- Jeffrey Rosen, "The Naked Crowd"

I'm thinking about changing the name of the blog, because Rosen goes on to argue the difference between sincerity and authenticity ("Sincerity requres that whatever is exposed must be true; authenticity requres that everything must be exposed as long as it is deeply felt.") And I don't want to expose every deeply felt thing to you people.

So, a new blog name is in order. "Sincerity" ? "Daily Navel Gazing" ? Other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

so what if you're friends think i'm crazy....well i wasnt trying to impress those girls anyway :) thats the name of mine, and IIII LIKE IT :) *Leah*