Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sorry, clarification in response to a comment. I started to post this as a comment, then it got too long, and I figured an education in the class structure of a seminary was good for all of you.

In an unclear story of origin (we're not sure if Duke Div holds claim to the term or if we here at Emory really did come up with it first), we've christened the second career students "wheelie-baggers."

The generalization stems from the tendency of older backs to necessitate bookbags on wheels. It's probably also convenient for hauling the poundage of books from the parking deck where many commuter students leave their cars when driving in from Alabama or Tennessee.

We've had quite intense discussions about who can be included in this prejudicial generalization, debating whether or not the wheelie-bag itself is necessary for inclusion. Our ultimate conclusion: it's not. If you sit in the front row of every class and ask somewhat ignorant questions that are completely off topic, laugh at racially-motivated jokes by the OT professor, and study excessively for daily reading quizzes, but your bag remains wheelie-less, you are still considered a "wheelie-bagger."

As a disclaimer, we who use the term are completely aware of its detrimental effect on the student community, but find it to be more of an indicator of current climate than a catalyst for more segregation.

So, there ya go. Wheelie-baggers.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you will not consider me a "wheelie-bagger!"


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, a wheelie-bagger!

Like the sixty some year old guy in my history class who would always raise his hand in the middle of the professor's lecture and interrupt with an asinine question that was completely off topic. The question would always start off with a personal story that began, “Well, I remember when…..”, that droned on for five minutes before the professor would interrupt him to ask what his question actually was. He would then respond with a question that was either just answered in the last 3 minutes of the professor’s lecture (while he was busy raising his hand and thinking of his story) or so completely stupid that you could actually hear your own brain cells crying out in agony as they died. The professor eventually began to ignore his self-important hand raising and just teach on as the wheelie-bagger waved his sad little hand back and forth and the rest of the class rolled their eyes.

Oh and he also liked to correct the professor. Yes, the professor who holds multiple history degrees and who has written multiple history textbooks is wrong and you, Captain Intelligent, are correct.

Ahh yes, a wheelie-bagger. I get it now. That makes so much sense. I wish that I had come upon that term earlier. I would have put it to great use at VCU, home of the Fighting Wheelie-Baggers!

Disclaimer: Not all older students are wheelie-baggers. Many of them have perspective and life experience and much can be learned from them. Many of them can hold an intelligent conversation. Many of them carry their own backpack. Just not the wheelie-baggers.


J said...

Ah yes, Wheelie-baggers.

The phenomenon of trying to figure out how to define them and who all belongs to the group reminds me of another discussion we've had along these lines...

And I see that this one has come down to about the same grammatical structure.

You don't have to have a wheelie-bag to be a wheelie-bagger, just like you don't have to believe in Christ to be a Christian.

All- Hail inclusivity! :)