Friday, January 21, 2005

Freedom, huh?

I wish Jed Bartlet was our president. Even if he is about to keel over and die, at least he can speak coherently, pronounce words properly, and occasionally use sentences free of cliche.

What is this talk about freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom to what? Oppressive regimes? Racial and class divides? Religious persecution? Vote? Live in peace? Become just like us? All of the above? If the ultimate goal of our generation is to advance the cause of freedom (which it isn't), how do we know where to start? How can we advance a cause we know nothing about?

Euphemism and cliche bother me. Politics, I realize, will never be free of them. Thankfully, I don't deal in politics. I deal in religion, the realm of straightforward, no-nonsense, concrete physical language.


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Beth said...

Religion: the realm of straightforward, no-nonsense, concrete physical language

Like, say, the Trinity:
God = 3
God = 1
It's a mystery.

Or grace.
Sanctifying, redeeming, justifying, perfecting...
What does it mean? How do we get it?
Poof! You are "saved."
Ah, but from what exactly...

The definition is obviously tongue-in-cheek,
but it poses our common seminary dilemma.
Are we called to be loving? Or just faithful?
Are we called to action? Or just belief?
What are those actions? What are the beliefs?
Why have so many people had so many answers to those questions?