Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Good: Coffee and Studying

I feel displaced.

I am a dork. And I claim that.

I used to have friends who claimed it alongside me, and I suppose that made it easier. Here, though, my interest in class material, motivation to do the reading outside of the assignment, and refusal to complain about the "huge" workload (is there one!?) make me once again the outsider on this front. Yes, I like school. A lot.

Thankfully, this semester's courses seem to actually require reading. And, (GASP!) independent thinking. These requirements, heaven in themselves, also bring with them a valid excuse to loiter in coffee shops, the best place to do your reading and thinking.

Studying in a coffee shop is preferable to my apartment or the library for several reasons. There's the obvious abundance of caffeinated beverages, and the aroma of coffee clinging to you when you leave after several hours inside. But I guess the most appealing part of the coffeehouse is that there are other people there, other people who are not shut away in their own little corners reading themselves into oblivion. People are enjoying each other's company, making business deals, talking about their children, their relationships, their sex lives, enjoying this moment of respite and connection.

You don't go to a coffee shop to drudge through another day of unenjoyable interaction and work. You go to slow down, enjoy the moment, and relish each word. That's why I study there - because I like what I'm doing. I want to slow down, enjoy my reading, relish each word of each theologian. And, of course, the coffee and eavesdropping are nice, too.

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