Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A New Year

Do you feel new?

I don’t, not really.

But new things are going on all around me. I took a tour of VA this week, to visit old friends with new lives. This is what I found.

Kmrod has a (sort-of) new (real) job, a new house (2 blocks from the Capitol in DC) and a new boy (-friend, that is, not an infant). She’s busy, happy, and, I think, in love. The apocalypse truly can’t be that far away.

Ginny’s about to start a new, intense nursing program, that will keep her pretty busy and hopefully land her a job as a traveling nurse.

Angela has a new internship that will bring her to Georgia (“joe-juh” in native tongue) soon, to spread the enviro-friendly word, live in a cabin, and, of course, hang out in the ATL.

Megger has a rockin’ new house in Careytown, finally out of the parent’s domain and on her own as a real home owner. She’s already painted the kitchen green, made friends (or enemies) with the neighbor’s cats, and found the best restaurant within walking distance.

Sarah Lantz (I’m using every opportunity to call her by her soon-to-be-maiden name) and Rob bought a house in the ‘Mond, so grown up and scary of them. They’ll have fun removing the left-over décor from the previous owner who favored gold and had a penchant for faux finishes.

Damn, you guys. It makes my life - still housed in a college apartment, financially deep in the red, and consisting of classes, studying, and late-night pancakes – look pretty faded. No new relationship, financial security, exciting travel opportunities or house of my own here.

But I’m not being really truthful. My friends’ lives are off to exciting new beginnings, but so is mine. Just in a different way, I suppose. No new relationship? I’ve just spent the past few months meeting incredible person after incredible person down in the ATL. Exciting travel opportunities? I’ve just moved my life to a huge city in a new state. True, no home ownership is in the cards for a while, but I do live in a comfortable apartment, with an excellent roommate, in a fantastic complex full of theologians and TV dinners. As for the financial security, well, that one’s quite a bit further down the road.

All in all, though, I’d say I’m doing pretty well in the new life category.


matt said...

2005 is going to be a great year. Have no fear! Let's have a cheer. Make all things clear. Go shoot a deer. Fish on the pier. Read King Lear. Don't shed no tear. For I am near. Yeah, this is all a bit wier(d).

It's 4AM and I can't sleep, so chalk it up to that.
So tired my eyes weep, but still I type this chat.
No, I am not a creep, just a great guy named Matt.

Happy New Year.

J said...

If it makes you feel better, home ownership and finacial security are both kinda anti-Kingdom.