Friday, February 25, 2005

20 Seconds of Fame

Oh, oh.
We got to the Pietists yesterday.
Someone asked, "SO, what's the difference between the Pietists and the Anabaptists?"

Ah. Yes. That question.

Strom's answer: "While the Pietists considered themselves a part of the larger church, the Anabaptists were much more separatist. But, as the Pietists caught more and more flack from the established church, they tended to lean more towards separatist tendencies. The Church of the Brethren - Dana, you're Brethren, right? - actually reached back to the anabaptist tradition and claimed that separatism as part of their identity."

There we have it, folks. The CoB got 20 seconds the History of Christian Thought.


John said...

finally, maybe now you will stop blabbing on and on about your freakin church.

j slash k, not

but seriously, j slash k

Anonymous said...

hey lady, for the blog-queen that you are, it sure has been a while since you posted...
what are you doing??
how could 9 days pass with no words?
i mean, it's not like you're busy.

you could at least elaborate about the pietists, since they got nothing and ole' John Wesley got a whole day today.
not that i am flaunting my denominational prevelence here...
(seriously, i feel like there is more to know about your people and i already knew about JW.)
(also, if you have any questions about him at all, or the quadrilateral, just let this methodist poster child know, and i will enlighten you -- um, i really was in an ad for my methodist college; that poster child thing is no joke; i mean business)

write something already.
come on.

rock the heck on.

JESS said...