Tuesday, February 08, 2005


As long as we're counting the converts, let's not forget my work to seduce my favorite geriatric player into the blogosphere. Miami may not win any awards for cost of living, quality of life or any semblance of normalcy, but it certainly does make for hilarious blogs.

And then, of course, there's Beth, the e.e. cummings of cyberspace, whose poetic prose can make even computer problems fun.

Of course we all know that these good deeds are kept in the books, the tallies will all one day be added up. When I get there, to that big pie in the sky by and by, all these converts, these souls won over to the Truth, victories for the side of Glory, they'll make my entrance that much smoother.

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Anonymous said...

is your computer dead, yet? you are never online. and well uhh happy valentines day! i got flowers from daddy haha you didnt bc you went out of town! muahaha :D love ya