Sunday, February 06, 2005

My Evangelism takes Root

Evangelical I'm not. But when it comes to the blogosphere, I like to spread the love. I believe in the priesthood of all bloggers, and winning converts for cyberspace. Commit your life to internet voyeurism, and you will be saved.

Sometimes this gets messy. Bad theology can take hold of new converts, and the one way, the true blogosphere, gets misread, misused, and corrupted. For example, Jay finally gave in to the call a few months ago (though he's been sadly delinquent in walking the walk), and started The Desert Voice as an outlet for his manifestos on the resurrection, identity, and Stanley Hauerwas. John, unable to keep himself away, I suppose, finally succumbed to the pull and started his own blog today. Click here to see how tradition becomes corrupt.

Dessert Voices indeed.

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