Monday, April 25, 2005

Computers, Couches, and a House

Generally, I am not a materialistic person.

Yes, we've discussed before how I drink Starbucks coffee. And yes, okay, I am currently wearing a t-shirt from Abercrombie. But Starbucks is convenient and this shirt is really old. Really, its hard to tell if I am above materialism or just cheap. In the end, its probably a combination of the two.

Anyway, I am generally not excited about possessions. This week, however, has been an exception.

1) If you have seen or talked to me at all in the last four days, then this will come as no surprise to you: I got a new computer. I am excited. It has been years (okay, one year) since I've had this feeling of freedom...the liberty of listening to my music, the ability to refrain from losing IM conversations in the middle of a crucial conversation, and a new lease on life, free of the fear of uncontrollable, unpredictable black screens and computer death. I can't remember the last inanimate object that brought this much joy into my life.

2) My goal in life, at least through the next year, is to purchase and own a couch with arms. I have mapped out a strategic plan in order to achieve this goal. Vocational discernment be damned, I just want a comfortable couch arm to rest my head upon when I'm watching the West Wing.

3) Living arrangements. I am perfectly aware of my capability to live in cramped and less than ideal living situations. I lived in a 6-woman apartment last year with only one bathroom. I am hard, jaded, tough when it comes to living places. In our extended search for housing for next year, however, Beth, John and I have encountered several nicer places. The allure of hardwood flooring, entrance fountains and a full sized stove is playing with my head.

I think the best thing to do, in order to avoid this possession kick, the best way to side-step the guilt and avoid encountering the issue, is to become a farmer. Or, maybe, a traveling fisherperson.


Anonymous said...

oh new computer? i missed this information! is it like mine? or what? tell me tell me! - the best sis EVER

oh & ps - next year, we are planning a trip ATL to see the falcons play (with Mike Vick and B.Rand there, we gotta come!!!) haha just FYI :D leah will be in GEORGIA!! YEEEEAAAAHHH! hah

J said...

My vote is for traveling fisherperson.

John said...

we have enough couches

Anonymous said...

no need for becoming a farmer or traveling fisherperson.

your computer is necessary. it brings john back to me.

a couch with arms is necessary. sometimes you have to rest your head.

and do i even need to talk about Starbucks. Sometimes we're just not nice people without a latte

Beth said...

I think John might be right.
For now.
As it stands,
our new home will include
two full sized couches,
one funny loveseat,
and a full sized futon.

The two couches have arms.
I promise.

IKEA opens this summer!
And you know I love shopping.
Especially cheap shopping!
My mom can always take her couch back.

Seriously, though,
and responsibly,
we'll have plenty of couches
and plenty of arms.
Your head will be well rested.

Though that time slot may be contested
as Alias is also on
and Sydney kicks @$$.

Rock on, new home.
Wherever it may be...