Sunday, July 31, 2005

Change is Gonna Come

This week has rocked my little world here in the ATL:
  • new friends with Virginia accents
  • appreciation for the potassium couches
  • a very sick car and very good friends who drive me around
  • a semi-sick me
  • a new home, and very good friends who move me in
  • roommates - a lot of them.
  • an end to TV living
  • goodbyes to the refugees from summer school
  • Leah in the ATL
  • Ben Folds singing to me
  • cards in the mail to make a bad day good again
  • and, tomorrow, the beach and the FAMILY


i heart dorks said...

Dana, I have thought about you very often and I have missed you. I would love to SEE you again sometime. For now, I will satiate myself with your musings.

I often remember flashes of our semester cohabitating. I am grateful that you were my roomate.

J said...

So when you said change was gonna come, you obviously were not talking about your blog...

Wade Barts said...

Hey, is there anything wrong with Virginia accents? Go Hokies!