Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Pietist Humor

As a member of the Church of the Brethren, I am a pietist. Here's what Lewis Bayley, in his seventeenth century book, The Practice of Piety had to say about humor:

"Make not a jest of another man's infirmity; remember thine own. Abhor the frothy wit of a filthy nature, whose brains having once conceived an odd scoff, his mind travails (As a woman with child) till he be delivered of it; yea, he had rather lose his best friend than his worst jest. But if thou be disposed to be merry, have special care of three things:

1. That thy mirth be not against religion.
2. That it be not against charity.
3. That it be not against chastity;

and then be as merry as thou canst, only in the Lord."

Well crap. No making fun of God, sex OR the religious right? I might as well just quit now.


Anonymous said...
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JESS said...

dude if you can't do that, you totally need to move over to psychology. concepts, animate--hell inanimate things, whateva we make fun of it. we're probably going to hell, but let me tell you-- it'll be great company!