Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Quarter Century

Today, my parents celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They're celebrating with a package deal at the Hotel Roanoke, the swankiest establishment in town, a package that includes a room and two free breakfastses, as my dad says. They'll fit right in.

They're also celebrating by building a new house, and selling their old one. The latter happened much quicker than the former, though, so right now they're living in an intermediate house with five bedrooms, bad lighting, and a few mice. Still, soon they will live in their fourth and (they assure me) final house together.

The older I get, the more impossible it seems that my parents did what they did when they did it. They got married when they were 20 and 22, had me at 22 and 24, my sister at 26 and 28. They've been through 4 houses, at least 10 jobs, 8 cars, 4 presidents, 3 pastors, somewhere around 50 teachers, several deaths in the family, countless parenting issues, and who knows what else - I am, after all, just one of the 2 children they raised during all this, so I'm sure I don't even begin to know the extent of it.

I just know that 25 years is a long time, a lot of living. I don't know if the life my Mom and Dad live right now is how they envisioned it back when they were younger than I am now - probably not. But I'd be pretty happy and content if mine turns out anything like theirs has.


Mom said...

Is it the life we envisioned? I don't think there is any way we could have envisioned the life we have now 25 years ago. Sure, we thought we would have jobs and children and we even expected to live in the town that we do. The little things, however, that turn out not to be so little in that "great scheme of things" - those can never be envisioned, they happen when you least expect them to and sometimes when you never expect them. Those little things, those miracles of life - the things that at the time may or may not seem to be good things, to be blessings, those are the things that, to me, have made our life together so wonderful.

I know though, B, that it is easy for me to feel this way about the "little" things because I have so much. I am blessed beyond my imaginings.

Anonymous said...

Dana: Your mom is an incredibly wise woman (and I should know -- I have known her for 25 years!) She is absolutely correct -- The big things that you can imagine down the road are yours...your desires...your interests...your goals. The miracles that happen in between are not yours -- they come from God. It's as if the Great Creator says, "Well, you think that's where you want to go, let's see what happens when I am involved!" And it's from the unexpected that you later step back and see God's grace notes and handiwork and presence all over the place! We are never too young or too old to be blessed by God's hands. And the only appropriate response is gratitude...

Blessings to you Dana!
Sue Moore Ranson