Friday, October 07, 2005

Sweet Sweet Virginia

Things I Miss and Things I'm Missing:

VT Football games at Lane Stadium
tailgating with Roanoker ham biscuits or Susan's catering
changing leaves on the mountains and fallen leaves on the ground.
Falling temperatures. It should not feel like August in October.
Stirring applebutter kettles.
Heritage Day pumpkin buying.
Footwashing and communion at Love Feast.
Roast beef and the porch swings at the Homeplace.
Leah's birthday
a sick JoJo
Sue and Michael's wedding
Lynsey's bridal shower
Ashley's senior recital
Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary
Dad and Mom's new house, and all their moving adventures.
Everyone at First Church of the Brethren
hell, any Church of the Brethren

I haven't been home for more than 2 days since January.
Fall is a lonely time in Georgia.


Anonymous said...
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Jen Larson said...

We miss you too!!! We'll see you when you come back to Od Virginny!

Your wonderful cousin with 2 boys =)

Anonymous said...

I miss you too! I'm sorry you can't make it to the recital...less than 2 weeks! YIKES! But it'll be on CD for you!
Man...I wish I could see you...

Anonymous said...

Any time is a lonely time when you are not here.