Friday, November 04, 2005


"What a strange thing!" exclaimed one of the visitors who had hitherto been silent. "What a strange thing! We all say that it would be good to live as God bids us and that we are living badly and suffer in body and soul, but as soon as it comes to practice it turns out that the children must not be upset and must be brought up not in godly fashion but in the old way. A married man must not upset his wife and children and must live not in a godly way but as of old. And there is no need for old men to begin anything: they are not accustomed to it and have only a couple of days left to live. So it seems that none of us may live rightly: we may only talk about it."

I'm incredibly tired of talking about it.

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Erudite Redneck said...

This led me to another reading on the Bruderhof site that was very timely for me. I linked to it. Thank you, and bless you.

--Erudite Redneck