Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Revelations on Racism and Refuge

"When our awareness is deeply rooted," says Thich Nhat Hanh, "we can return to the city."

I can't leave this city in order to return to it, but a silent hour in a candlelit room the other day was a definite departure. It left me quieter, connected, and, I guess, rooted in awareness.

That hazy language of "awareness" and "being centered" makes me wary. But something's going on, and my mind is working at warp speed making connections and decisions and hosting revelations.

A couple revelations:

Racism is a much deeper issue than I imagined, connected to classism and wealth and power and inseparable from our other myriad sins.

Oddly, refuge is sometimes found among the rockiest parts of life.


Anonymous said...

something that ive been thinking about thanks to my world politics & economics class is that poverty is created by wealth, wealth is created by the economy. poverty and classism is a direct result of our economic system and the way our political and economic worlds are governed. just my point of for thought.
love, Leah :)

JESS said...

why are you wary of being centered and aware?