Friday, May 19, 2006

Road Trip!

6 days. 10 states. 1 graduation. 0 minutes of pool time. 1 civil war battlefield. 9 members of my family traipsing through New York City. 38 free hotdogs. 1 mouse. 2 broadway plays. approximately 52 Auntie Anne's pretzels. 2 stone lions. 3 days of rain. 1 virgin mary shaped sunburn. 6 tour guides. 2 tour guides speaking comprehensible english. 20 minutes waiting for a subway train that never came. 1 more unforgettable road trip with the fam.

The fam at Ash's graduation. Er, that's Professional Musician Ashley from now on, sorry.

That's me. And PMA. She is indeed on a table, I am in fact pushing her, and we are most certainly in the hallway of a hotel.

sunset at gettysburg. with cannon.

Yankee Stadium. Ash and Leah gave away free hotdogs, much to the astonishment of native New Yorkers.

gray day: staring at the statue.

country come to town - cousins in the subway.


Fern said...

A Virgin Mary shaped sunburn eh? There was recently a very popular oil stain resembling the Holy Mother on Lower Wacker Drive until someone washed it away. This sunburn could be quite the tourist attraction. Hope it is somewhere appropriate.

JESS said...

those pics are totally amazing