Friday, September 15, 2006

THOSE people

They say,
(oh, you know THEM:
the ones back home in the pews,
unworthy of robes and vestments, titles and responsibility)
“Don’t lose your Jesus!”
And you scoff at their wisdom and warnings.

They say
(oh, you know THEM:
the ones wearing t-shirts bearing Bible verses
and driving cars with prayers plastered above exhaust pipes,
naïve and overly-emotional
full of false feeling and fervor
lacking in gravity and lost in cheap comfort)
“Praise Jesus!”
And you swat away their pesky joy.

They say
(oh, you know THEM:
the ones from the book,
ordaining war but not women,
keeping slaves but not commandments,
telling stories instead of truths
contradictory and incomplete
incomprehensible and contentious)
“Love the Lord your God.”
And you slam the covers closed on their instruction.

They say
(oh, you know THEM:
the ones you’ve ignored and invalidated,
despised and disdained,
cast aside as irrelevant, ill-informed and OTHER)
And you plug your fingers in your ears
and keep right on singing your song of panicked pride
at the top of your lungs.

"It is possible," said Don Saliers this morning, "to be passionate and humble at the same time."
I'm not sure that's true.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I happened on your blog --doing a google search for "Patient trust in ourselves and in the slow work of God" -- and I'm not certain your intent of your poem: "THOSE people".

I'll check back for your reply. Thanks.

Dana said...

I'm in seminary, where pride and hypocrisy often rule the roost. I don't like it.