Sunday, December 31, 2006

we disagree

I have no idea what sort of dream or sleeping thought process caused it, but I just woke up with this sentence in my head:

"Polar bears say no...but the rest of the world says YES!"


Beth said...

That sounds like something Dave Scott would say.

Dave Scott said...

It's certainly not something I wouldn't say.

I do tend to disagree with those arrogant polar bears. They think their ambigious affirmations make them so damn sexy.

You know what I say to them? Drink your bloody Coca-Cola, bears, and leave the speaking to us humans.

Dave Scott said...

The third sentence in my preceding comment should read, "They think their ambigious NEGATIONS make them so damn sexy."

After all, the polar bears say "no," which is the opposite of an affirmation.