Tuesday, January 30, 2007


John likes to walk into my room, share several random thoughts and happenings from his day, and walk away. Once, he asked how I liked having these popcorn-sized bits of minutiae from his mind launched at me one after another. Usually, its entertaining. Today, I'm tossing some popcorn-sized bits of my own up into the blogosphere.

  • The inherent violence in apocalyptic literature offends my senses.

  • I'm learning the mastery of stromboli. Last night's version with spinach, feta, mushrooms and roma tomatoes was an interesting attempt.

  • Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer playing Bach keyboard pieces on mandolin and double bass has blown my mind.

  • I've officially finished my CPE application, which will hopefully keep me occupied here in Atlanta for the summer.

  • I'm 70 pages into Anna Karenina, and I'm a little bit smitten with her.

  • My sister lives here now:
  • I'm thinking about future places in which to locate myself. Current frontrunners are Northern Ireland and Portland, Oregon.

  • I like intercessions more than the Psalms, for now.

  • There is an odd dark circle on the top of my new shoe that either marks it as slightly marred or gives it volumes of geometric personality.

  • My music collection grows in leaps and bounds, several new albums all at once, and its hard to listen to them all before I forget about them.

  • Right now, I must go to a meeting about some sort of symposium on aging. I work with the geriatric population, you know.


John P. said...

a few questions in response to minutiae:

1) are people like you and I offended by the imagery in apocalyptic literature because our lives are situated in a "theological suburb"?

2)Northern Ireland v. Portland...on face value on has to wonder about the pairing of these two options. what is the basis?

3) (not quite a question) Name the top 3 albums you have recently purchased...

Dana said...

A few answers in response to your questions:

1) Yes - I live a pretty mundane life, far from violence to my person, psyche, or theology.

2) They're both green. And they've both captured my imagination.

3) Purchased is such a technical term, let's go with "acquired" (all legal measures, I assure you):

Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope
The Decemberists, The Crane Wife
Amos Lee, Supply and Demand

also, i'm trying to work in several Paste magazine CD samplers into the playlist.

thedesertvoice said...

regina spektor offends my ability to live

Beth said...

I doubt you'll be "hearing" any of John's minutia today, as he has ceased to speak!
My favorite part was the attack-hug!