Saturday, June 23, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish...all the rest are Dead Fish.

The fish keep dying.

I'm on fishfeeding duty this week, a second string petsitter while one roommate is in Russia and the other is at the beach. I was charged with one responsibility - keep the fish alive. I have failed. There were 8 fish in the tank a week ago. 2 remain. The damn fish keep dying.

It's not a pretty death, either. Everyone thinks that fish float to the top when they die. This is true, but it happens in a sort of multi-step process. After the initial kicking of the bucket, the fish floats up. Then, after a few hours, it sinks back down and gets caught under a rock or inside a plant. Finally, after a day or so, the fishbody floats up to the surface again.

The gross part, in case you were wondering, is that on the second upfloat, the fishbodies end up right next to the aquarium filter, which is not kind to their wasted flesh. Suffice it to say, I've seen more than my fair share of fishbone this week.

Luckily, the two remaining fish are some strange breed of catfish, hardy bottomfeeders. One of them is 20 years old - an almost unimaginable feat for a catfish in captivity. I'm sincerely hoping that his longevity is unaffected by my deathly influence.


Nicole Cox said...

do the fish have names?

Dana said...

um, i don't think so. or, if they do, i've been lucky enough to avoid knowing them thus far.

Nicole Cox said...

maybe in hopes of keeping the others alive, you should name them. i think it will make them happy.

Erin said...

oh dana, I'm cracking up!!! This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.