Friday, July 13, 2007

Thoughts from the Woods

I've been at camp ( this week, leading bible studies, planning worships, and chaplaining senior high youth. Here are some thoughts from the woods:

- I am OLD. The camp director was my sixth grade science teacher - 14 YEARS ago. The program director and I sang together in a children's musical ("O JONAH!") in 1990 - 17 YEARS ago. The counselors and summer staff are in high school and college, at least 4 years younger than me. Hello, adulthood.

- I am addicted to afternoon coffee. After two consecutive days of 3 o' clock headaches, I began to realize that I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal. Thank goodness for the Daleville branch of Mill Mountain coffee and tea, where I was able to find a decent cup of coffee almost as soon as I got back on the highway.

- Teenagers are fun, and goofy, and much more entertaining than seminarians in Bible study.

- The best part of camp might be mealtime. When was the last time you got to eat, sing, pie someone in the face, and bang on the table at dinner?

- City life (also known as nature deficit disorder) deprives us of beautiful things, like 4 graceful deer yards away from the window, coiled black snakes sunning themselves by the creek, bullfrogs honking in the middle of the night, sunsets over the mountains, and the sounds of crickets in a rainstorm.

- There must be a place for good theology outside of the academy. Praise songs, buddy Jesus and powerpoint worship have even infiltrated camp, and that makes me fairly sad.

- Scratching a fresh mosquito bite yields a satisfaction almost unparalleled.

- I have a renewed desire to be an unshowerd, chaco-wearing, rugged-looking hiker-type.


Anonymous said...

If you became convicted in your heart of hearts that Jesus wants you to be scruffy looking and smell like ass then, Sister, as your friend I would fully support your life choice.

-Dave Scott

Dana said...

thanks, dave scott. i appreciate your support.

i don't know about all this Jesus and conviction stuff...but i did just try on some chacos and really, really liked them. they might satisfy my outdoorswoman desires for a while, postponing the scruff and stench until i dive headlong into my lifelong wish to through-hike the appalachian trail.

Beth said...

First, I read this: "4 graceful deer yards away from the window" and thought "what's a deer yard?"

Second, do you have a sports watch yet?

Third, my porch swing misses you.

Erin said...

I had the same thought as beth:
What's a deer yard?

I, however, would not support your ass-smelliness.
that's gross.

Enjoy the wilderness; it's gorgeous.