Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Southeast of Heaven

I'm taking advantage of my current transitory existence to do some serious traveling. This week's agenda is the Northern Jaunt, from Roanoke to Ohio. I left Roanoke Thursday morning for Winchester, VA, where my cousin Ashley lives in a magically sweet 5 bedroom house with a walk-in closet bigger than my Potassium bedroom. We cooked chicken crescent squares, saw the sights of historic Winchester, played with Grace the Cat, ate Cracker Barrel bacon, hung out with her very fun friends, and discussed the hilarious intricacy of our family dynamics.

Today, I drove from the land of Patsy Cline (there's songs you can't avoid) through Loudon County (they're harvestin' to Shenandoah winds) to an unexpected high-rise in the land of Washington (they're rootin' for the 'Skins) to spend the weekend with Kmrod and Ernie. Within minutes of my arrival, we were deep in discussion, which we continued over coffee, grocery shopping, and a detailed dinner endeavor that ended up a most delicious banquet of summer rolls, peanut sauce, chicken curry, naan, and pino noir. Delicious. We watched a little of CNN's series on God's Warriors, until Katie got too tired and I too mad to continue. Now I'm in their guest room, on an amazing futon of a bed, mulling over the meaning of life.

Ash told me today that showing me around Winchester jolted her into a real appreciation of her life and her town and her home. Traveling like this, and staying with people I love in the midst of lives that they love - even though they're quite different from my own - jolts me into the repeated recognition of how tangled the web of my relationships is, and how precious.

More thoughts, and, of course, pictures of things like croissants and curry, to come.


John P. said...

hey dude,

i would be interested to hear your thoughts on the cnn series. As i posted on my blog, I think that it probably wasnt anything ground breaking for people like us who study religion daily...however, for a news network,, I felt better about it than most presentations of religion...

one day, though, it would be nice to see a special on faithful people who are doing good things.

though I was somewhat ambivalent, I understand your frustration.

Dana said...


i watched both the Christian and Muslim warriors episodes, and I thought that the Muslim one was much more well-done than the Christian episode. it was more international, more historical, and generally more objective than the portrayal of Christians.

but it wasn't CNN that made me mad, just the reality of Christians fighting political and cultural wars over abortion and gay marriage...and you're right, certainly nothing ground breaking going on there.

i've yet to see the report on Judaism, but I'm interested to see how they handled that one. overall, the series did seem pretty well done.