Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ms. B-havin', Ocean Isle

What happens when you put my entire family plus a couple extras in a 5-bedroom beach house for a week? Let’s analyze it by the numbers, since that’s how the Cassell/Stultz clan likes to do things.

Nightly activities planned: 7
Trips to the grocery: 6
Dinners cooked in-house: 4
Para-sailors: 6
Hours traveled together: ~ 14
Winning putt-putt score: 36 (an impressive showing by Susan!)
Gallon bags of party mix devoured: 2
Shells collected: > 100
Tomatoes consumed: 27
Average daily sun time logged: 5 hours
Family members incapacitated: 1
Toilet paper rolls used: 26


Erin said...

Holes dug in the sand: 1?

Rachel said...

Oh, dear. Who was incapacitated?

Happy Birthday to you, too!!!