Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm moving (temporarily) to Virginia tomorrow. Most of my belongings are in the mini-van, ready to travel north and take up residence in my parents' attic. Here is a list of the things left in my room:

- a well-used and comfortable bed, complete with quilt, pillows, and prayer shawl (the mattresses, who have served me well these last three years, will be abandoned here in 1095 P. mini-vans are only so big.)

- Fritz-Hundo, a hardy hand-me-down fish who has survived neglect and abuse of Apartment K. (will be transported in the morning to 1061 C Blackshear, to be cared for by Beth and Sara)

- a large bag of trash (to be taken to the dumpster)

- Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, Trivial Pursuit, and Loaded Questions (to be loaded into mini-van)

- a pile of dirty laundry (to be taken to an attic in Virginia and laundered before next week's beach trip)

- 1 package of Curious George fruit snacks (for tomorrow's drive)

- salt, pepper, italian seasoning and a small bottle of starbucks coffee liquer (to be left in the kitchen for those who might find them useful)

- 1 bottle of Little Penguin pino noir (whose fate still remains unsettled)

- this computer upon which I type (obviously, to be taken with me on all my forthcoming travels)


- me (to be loaded into mini-van, but whose most vocal 23% would be perfectly happy sharing the fate of either Fritz or the italian seasoning)

In completely unrelated news, my first thought upon waking this morning was this:
"How strange is it that "I" have a "me"?


Erin said...

so where is the final destination? Have you settled on one yet?

Rachel said...

Are you safely in Virginia now?

We miss you! The room seems small and empty. :(