Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back in the Blue Ridge

I've deemed my most recent travels the Southwest Expedition. Covering 11 days and over 2,600 miles, I hit 9 states and paid an exorbitant amount of money for gasoline. I was not on top of the picture-taking, perhaps because the trip started out in Atlanta, which feels more like being at home than not. I got all the way out to Oklahoma before digging the camera out of the backseat, and then only for this shining example of sculpture:

(that's J praying at Oral Roberts University - apologies to Nicole who requested the removal of the hands. I just can't get over them.)

Mostly, I love driving long distances. It means time dedicated to listening to music and thinking thoughts that don't get thunk anywhere else. I let my mind wander far afield as the little red Focus found her way across the country, and it was good. There are some things you don't think about before you jump in the car for a big roadtrip, though. Your driving hand will cramp and be sore after 2,000 miles. Your butt will hurt from all the sitting. And when you get out of the car, the world will still feel like it is whizzing by you at a speed of 70 miles per hour.

The flatlands freak me out. The endless sky exposes everything, and there's no use in even pretending that it isn't there.

Now, I am comfortably at home back in the Blue Ridge, where the sky is mercifully obscured occassionally, and it takes less than 10 minutes to get anywhere I need to go. Don't be fooled at this temporary stability, though. I leave again next Friday for BVS orientation in Missouri. I'll be there for three weeks, and then head to Elgin, Illinois to work in the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry for a year. I am excited - for both the adventure and the eventual settling in one place.


JESS said...

That was no NOT the Southwest! Did you see desert? NO. Not the southwest.

Erin Miller said...

Yeah, I'm with Jess. That's the Middle of the Middle.

Dana said...

ohio isn't the North, either, people.

we're talking relative direction. i traveled south and west of Roanoke: southwest.