Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the Road Again

A week later, and I'm on the road again. This week's excursion: to the south and west. I left Roanoke on Saturday for Atlanta, and spent labor day weekend in Beth and Sara's third bedroom. We cooked delicious pork, sunned ourselves silly, and lounged around in their living room - just like old times. Atlanta still feels like home, and also emphatically not so. Yesterday morning, Beth headed back to work and Sara left for her last first day of school, and I packed up the Focus and headed west.

I got into Oxford yesterday around five, and Russell gave me the tour of his house, his camp, and Oxfordtown. We ate delicious local produce and drank pecan beer on an antebellum-feeling second floor porch. This morning, I finished Annie Dillard's The Maytrees while Russell toiled away across the yard in the camp office, and now we're hanging out on the Oxford Square. I'm taken with Mississippi - the overly made up women, the charming Mississippi manners, and the irresistible southern drawl are only slightly less exaggerated than you might think.

In other Mississippi news, I just saw Joey Lauren Adams in a coffee shop, and no fewer than one in three Ole Miss women is wearing this pair of shorts.


Elizabeth said...

Have fun on your travels. Sometime you should make it this far west. Oklahoma is a fun place. Of course, right now I am headed west and very north to Montana. So don't come to see me now. just in case you were thinking about it.

Dana said...

elizabeth, I'm in OK RIGHT NOW! I was just going to call you when I read the comment. I'll call you anyway. But here I am, and there you go.