Monday, October 15, 2007

From the Chilly Land of Chi-town

I have no idea how to describe the last three and a half weeks in words. Whether due to the backlog of experience waiting to be released or the deep and utter exhaustion I've imposed on myself with travelling, moving, and being constantly surrounded by people, I have no motivation to even attempt to describe our BVS orientation. But I know that you, my few yet loyal readers will want to know where I've been, what I've done, whom I've seen. And so, the highlights:

- an insanely long train ride with Brother Bear
- sleeping in one room with 20 other women for 2 weeks
- sleeping in a church sanctuary with 30 other men and women for another week (pews are more comfortable than you might think!)
- rapelling upside-down into a ravine from a steel cable
- cooking for 34 on a $2.25/person/day budget
- constantly singing a capella
- finding mountains in the middle of the country
- mafia marathons
- late-night theological discussions with dissenting opinions that would never have made appearances in the potassium living room
- gorgeous missouri sunrises
- bats swarming into our chimney at night
- knocking on doors in the middle of Kansas City's highest crime-rate zip code
- foot washing - twice in one week after a six year stint without participating in the formative ritual of my tradition
- laughing - deep-down belly laughing, like this:

Now, I'm finally in Elgin where I'll stay for the next year. More pictures and updates on that once I've caught my breath, resumed a normal sleeping schedule, and reveled in the fact that I am no longer bound to 30 other people, and can sleep, shower, eat, pray and love all by my lonesome.

Well, except for my 6 new housemates, with whom I share shopping, dinners, a workplace, and a big white van for transportation. I asked for community, I might soon be begging for some solitude.

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Erin Miller said...

when you're ready to get out, get in touch with my sister. aemh2o (the letter, not the number) at hotmail dot (com). She lives not far from you and has decided she'll do whatever it takes to make new friends of her own, rather than mooching off her new husband's life-long friends. :)

Glad to see you're doing well. Enjoy the 'burbs.