Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dispatches from the Germ Cave

I am sick.  When I am sick, I am whiny.  Unfortunately, this particular batch of sick has taken root in my chest and throat, rendering me voiceless and reducing all my communication to either a barely audible whisper or a raspy, Godfather-like growl.  There'll be no whines coming from this voicebox for a while.

I'm trying to protect my housemates from the awful crud that has had me laid up for the past three days, so I've quarantined myself to my room.  Luckily, I have a passable sick couch down here and a computer with DVD player, so I've been passing the time with Season 2 of West Wing and my friend the Internet.  

A list of those things containing within them the power to cure a 102 fever and serious chest congestion, not to mention my failing spirits caused by illness and isolation:
  • Drugs - lots of them, and good ones.
  • Josh and Donna's unending back and forth.
  • people sitting with me via interweb.
  • Toddler self-defense.
  • The Trigon kid.
  • Bacon for dinner!
  • Mom's prayer shawl.
  • Facebook scrabulous (start a game with me, now, please)
  • Voicemails from Momma Kim insisting that if I do not call her back to report upon my well-being she will have Bekah "drag my sorry ass to the doctor as soon as she gets home."  
  • tea and banana bread.
  • um, making this list.


Karen said...

I would start a game with you hun, but I don't know when I would get to play! Fell better soon!

Leah said...

if it makes you feel any better, the virginia tech campus has reached epidimic levels of infected students with the flu. also, i did NOT get my flu shot this year.

Cat said...

im soo glad that our foray into youtube provided some much needed entertainment. I have stories for you--when of couse--your voice returns.

and the plague is has been making the rounds in the borderland as well...

Elizabeth said...

Dana, I have decided to blame you for my illness. I am not sure how I contracted your illness considering I am in Oklahoma, but apparently that is what happened.

Erin Miller said...

Done. See your Facebook page. I hope you're feeling better soon.