Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Do all the good you can..."

Hillary Clinton describes her teary-eyed poll-boosting moment last week as a "a moment of grace," specifically referencing her Wesleyan background. She also agrees with Newsweek's Jon Meacham that her theology is more in line with Lincoln or Niebuhr: "life is tragic and all that."

While I'm grateful for the break in her well-cultivated armor, I'm inclined to believe Clinton's tears owe more to her measly 1 hour of sleep the night before than either prevenient or sanctifying grace. But she's won another caucus in Nevada today, is quickly outpacing Obama in the race, and I have to say that after eight years of having my own religion dragged through mud and wielded like a billy club, I appreciate the realism and the opportunity to talk about Christianity in terms other than determining whether or not a particular politician has accepted Jesus Christ as her Personal Lord and Savior.

Because, honestly? That's just not enough.

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John P. said...

never thought I would hear the phrase "prevenient grace" in the same sentence as "Hillary Clinton."

Not that they couldnt possibly go together...