Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pero, Me Falta

I've just succeeded in packing everything I brought to the Commonwealth plus all the gifts and purchases I've acquired here this week into a new (smaller) suitcase. It required the help of my packing-ly inclined sister and included several moments of intense sadness when I realized that no, not every one of the 38 volumes of Church Fathers that I received for Christmas can make it back to Chicago on the train with me. Alas.

Things I'd like to be able to pack up and bring with me back to Elgin include, but are not limited to:

1. A regular liturgy to participate in...what I wouldn't give for a Methodist eucharist calling me to lift up my heart to the Lord.

2. Some tiny Korean children to tutor...really, tiny children of any nationality would do - I just like the kids.

3. All my far-flung theologically-thinking friends...because I'd really like their take on the Brethren anti-creedal ways.

4. A big case of one-hour blocks of silence...to be used regularly and without interruption.

5. Mom's sewing skills (to learn from), JoJo's cooking (to eat), Bobby's admonitions (to abide by), Dad's handshakes (to participate in), Leah's laugh (to listen to), and the atmosphere achieved only when my entire family is together in the same room.


Anonymous said...

I love you.

Oh, it's ash.

John P. said...

I love that you got the Church Fathers for xmas. You know that is a gift near and dear to my heart.

Do not be separated from them for too long!

It does not bode well for one - even one of the Brethren! - to allow too much time to pass without a word from the Fathers.