Friday, March 28, 2008

Corporate Attire

I need to do laundry.

It's casual Friday, which is good since all of my professional-wear is in the dirty clothes pile. Unfortunately, all of my casual-wear is there, too. This morning, I sorted through the mountain and found two decently clean pairs of pants to choose from. Unfortunately, decently clean is a rather generous term for them both. One pair of jeans has a distinctively mesquite smell from sitting by a roaring campfire at retreat last week. The other has a lingering tinge of curry from last night's culinary triumph (green curry with eggplant and sweet potatoes...delicious). Reluctantly, I chose the currypants.

Earlier this morning I went to the restroom here at the office and noticed in the mirror something on my sleeve. When I tried to brush it away, I realized it was actually a gaping hole produced by a very large rip in this, my favorite shirt. Blast.

I am suffering from a sad, sad case of wardrobe malfunction. Luckily, there is leftover curry for lunch, and all my meetings today are conference calls.


Meredith said...

You -so- just described my wardrobe situation. Way to be universal in your perspective...

I have a flock of Sunday suits and preacher-pumps, but during the week, I fear that there are more currypants days than should decently be expected.

One weekday, I was wearing stockings and heels and the other pastor said "Oho! I see you're going to the district office today!" I told him that he looks equally improved with his ties on days that he sees official people...

Happy Easter!

Erin Miller said...

I tagged you on my blog. Your turn to share 7 random facts about yourself.

Oh, and I have these sorts of wardrobe malfunctions all the time!