Tuesday, April 08, 2008


1. I recently learned that common keyboarding practice has changed since my 6th grade typing class. Apparently, instead of two spaces after each sentence, now you need only one. This is an impossible habit to change.

2. I have trademark salutations: drawn-out, easily mock-able Hiiiiiii and Byeeeeeeeeee. I do not know when I began greeting people this way, but again, an impossible habit to change.

3. I like eating breakfast on my porch, now that Chicagoland has finally begun to thaw.

4. I am a creature of habit and I revel in routine. I hate change.

5. My Dad has sent me a card in the mail every week for the last 7 years, since I left home for college. I love it. He is also a creature of habit and reveler in routine.

6. I'm related to old Franklin County bootleggers with a moonshine still. After moving to the midwest this year, I've found myself forced to define almost every word in that sentence.

7. I wake up with a song playing in my head almost every day. Today's: I Shall Believe, by Sheryl Crow. Yesterday's: Spring Up O Well (splish! splash!), old school camp song.


Pastor Nicole said...

1 space in between sentences?! Craziness! I refuse to change.

Also - the dad card thing is adorable!

And - I'm glad that you are begining to enjoy Chi-town.

AAAANNNND - I LOVE your greetings and goodbyes! They make you you!

Erin Miller said...

excellent seven!

I, like Nicole, will join you in refusal to use only one space between sentences. we'll call it our own little revolution. :)

Karen said...

I didn't know it was a new rule! I thought only 1 space between sentences was a typo, or at the most, an effort to cram more onto a page!