Saturday, May 24, 2008


There’s just too much living to do. I’m living life in bullet points and annotated lists, not stopping to take the time required to compose complete sentences. There’s not time for any of that – coherent thought, reflection, integrity, intention have all gone by the wayside in favor of the immediate, RIGHT NOW living that seems to have been strewn out in front of me.

Is this really how people spend entire lives? It makes me crazy.

Eight states in six weeks. I’ve finally landed from a ridiculous whirlwind of planes, trains, and one zippy little Kia. Washington D.C., Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, California, and of course Illinois for a night or two in-between. The last trip, an insanity-threatening jaunt to L.A. and back in 36 hours, was especially beautiful and especially exhausting.

All that moving around gave me opportunity to see about a million people that I love, though, and some gorgeous parts of the country, so I count it all as worth it. Who knew that agreeing to be an unpaid volunteer in a denominational office would lead to all of this? Pretty sweet deal, I’d say.

Morning coffee with Sharon by the water in Wisconsin

Bekah blows bubbles at sunset

Dad and Leah celebrate their alma mater at Leah's graduation

Sunset over the Pacific


Beth said...

Pretty sweet deal, indeed.
You signed up for simplicity's sake.
And now you're a jet-setter.
Ah, but a jet-setter for Jesus.

RHouff said...

I need to read this more! I made the blog with the bubbles!