Wednesday, October 01, 2008

(now if only i could) fall in deep slow silent sleep

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Several events converged in the last few days, the combination of which made some sleep possible:

The temperature here in Chicagoland plummeted from the 80s last week to the mid 50s this week, changing the climate of my old house from constantly running loud and stale air conditioning to a blissfully silent natural chill.

One of my housemates came home, doubling the occupation of my big creepy old house (lately: 1, namely: me. alone.), and presenting a very plausible explanation for all those weird noises at 3 a.m.

I finished a particularly prickly sermon and preached it Sunday morning, for better or worse. Preaching takes so much, I have no earthly idea how you people can endure the process EVERY WEEK. (Ha. Maybe the idea needn't be earthly anyway.)

Also, I drank some wine.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly which combination of the above-mentioned circumstances has done the trick, or even if it will last. We'll see. By the way, Cal, my numbers were a deep, rich magenta; Cat, sleeping in socks = blech; and Mary, you've inspired a new morning porch swing and coffee ritual.


Bekah said...

are you saying I make weird noises at 3 AM...

Anonymous said...

Che said...

Morning porchswing and coffee ritual? Sounds amazing.