Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the Boredom Begins

I'm at the tail-end of the epidemic, but recovery (which is actually going splendidly according to all medical and professional measures, btw) apparently means 4 weeks of nothing, 2 weeks without driving, and a running tally of 6 days being barely able to lift a gallon of milk. Expect much drivel.


1. My toenails are perpetually painted. Rarely girly in any other way, I insist on dark red polish at all times.

2. Ever the avid reader, I sometimes have a hard time putting books down. In third grade, I would pick up my book between the teacher's called-out words during spelling tests. I still wonder why she allowed it.

3. I always wished I could communicate via ESP. I've gotten excited about the possibility several times: when instant messaging became a reality and when I met a couple of my very best friends. I still think it's possible.

4. Sanctuaries, classrooms, libraries and bookstores all hold the same appeal for me.

5. Speaking of libraries, my favorite place to read and write is at a loooong library table with reading lamps in a hushed study room. Emory has a great one, though undergrads don't quite subscribe to the "hushed" part. The NY Public library seems ideal.

6. My mother is a radiology tech turned pre-school teacher turned administrative assistant turned pastor. She blasts most wheelie-bagger stereotypes to bits.

7. I heart the iTunes Genius feature.

8. Eternal, undying love for the West Wing characters. Started watching in high school with my Dad on Wednesday nights and watched faithfully through college and grad school, right to the bitter, Sorkin-less end.

9. This blog has been around for 5 years now, and grew out of an earlier online journal. Sometimes I wonder how much navel-gazing is really necessary to put out here in public, but just can't bring myself to stop.

10. I absolutely cannot stand chicago-style deep dish pizza. I tried, really, I did, but it inspires an unavoidable gag-reflex.

11. Other than deep-dish, there is not much that I strongly dislike.

12. Except hard-nosed ignorance, and even that hatred is morphing into something a bit more graceful lately.

13. Things that inspire an immediate sigh of relief: the first few strokes of a swimming workout, the first sip of good coffee, the first sight of certain well-missed faces, seeing the mountains finally rise up just before Charlottesville on the drive from Williamsburg to Roanoke.

14. Country music reminds me of home. Bluegrass reminds me of something even more primitively comforting.

15. First crush: Benny "the JET" Rodriguez from the Sandlot.

16. Things I crave regularly: party mix, house dressing from the Cheese Shop, Home Place roast beef, and Willy's chips and queso.

17. I think my olfactory nerves are getting more sensitive with age. I can't stop longing for lavender-scented things.

18. My sense of humor has been honed and fine-tuned most by three people: Beth Bostrom, John Rogers, and Mitch Hedberg.

19. Currently, I live with five other young women in a huge old house. We do many odd things, including cooking and eating together every night, living on $60/month, sharing one car, practicing almost constant hospitality, being vegetarians, and re-using or re-cycling almost everything we can. I find this to be the closest I've come yet to continuing the work of Jesus: peacefully, simply, together.

20. Amazingly, my new job is to create more volunteer community houses like mine.

21. When I finish this list, I will most likely take a nap.

22. Last week, my sister moved into her first apartment, my cousin got engaged, and another cousin entered the third trimester of her pregnancy - meaning less than 90 days until the start of a new Cassell (technically, Stultz) generation. All these things make me incredibly excited.

23. This August, I get to be a groomswoman in one wedding and the officiant (aka "deputy for a day") in another. If this keeps up, I hope the next non-traditional wedding position I get is flower girl.

24. I eat my cheesecake plain and new york style. No berries, no chocolate, no bastardization. Pure and simple is the way to go.

25. I am quietly nosy. I like to think I do my information gathering and stalking pretty unobtrusively, but I am probably wrong. I definitely get this trait honestly, though, and even made a case in class once for the value of gossip as a community-binding practice. Ask me, I'll make it again, and well. This also explains my facebook addiction, I'm sure.


Che said...

#'s 13 and 14... oh, yes! From another Appalachian emigrant, of course :p

Nicole said...

MMmmmmm...house dressing. Delicious. I was just craving some the other day. I wonder if they ship...

Anyway, hope all is well! I've been praying for you through this whole ordeal!

Anonymous said...

Books! Plain cheesecake! Mountains, actually OUR mountains! "West Wing"! Bluegrass!

We got a few things in common.