Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a Lonely, Rambler Girl

Alas, the forced five-week vacation has officially come to an end. The doctor issued me a clean bill of health this morning and I jet back to Illinois tomorrow to get started on another month of crazy travel. Not to worry, though, these weeks of convalescence were far from unproductive. Behold, my list of accomplishments:

- Viewed entire second season of The Big Bang Theory, heightened desire to pack Sheldon up in a gift box and bring him home.

- Eased symptoms from late onset of empty-nest syndrome here at parents' house. Sister moved out one day, I flew home with a tumor the next. Hope she knows how much she owes me for this one...

- Read no fewer than 10 (ten) books. Fluffy novels, meaty novels, and even a much-delayed return to serious theology. But mostly, fluffy novels.

- Avoided an awkward period of financial crisis and layoffs at the office.

- Watched what I'm almost certain amounts to every episode of Jon & Kate +8 in existence. Awakened my lately dormant biological clock. Unfortunate timing.

- Colored enough mandalas, traditional quilt patterns, and Curious George pictures to paper the walls of this sickroom.

- Completed 10 Monday NYTimes crossword puzzles with only minimal cheating. Imagined Russell's disgust each time I checked the back for a tricky answer.

- Watched Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version - don't mock) 4 times. Can now quote Austen's pithiest lines from memory..."first, I have been an unmitigated and comprehensive ASS..."

- Lunched with grandparents and sister regularly; celebrated tiny cousins' birthdays; cooked dinner for parents occasionally; generally enjoyed the kinfolk.

- Traveled the Commonwealth - visited Craiggers in Lynchburg, the Peace Team in Bridgewater. Drove through enough mountains to fill the soul for a bit. Missed hiking any mountains due to the cut-open belly.

- Prayed with Lenten regularity. Heard birds singing in the morning. Remembered that life goes on in rhythms not my own.

This has been the first time in over two years that I've been in one place for so long, a fact that sort of bowled me over when I realized it. I don't know what it is I'm running from, or toward. Tomorrow's flight back to Chicago kicks off another round of rambling, though. Wish me godspeed, for it will be a while before I can read, pray, blog and watch trashy TV with such abandon again.

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bekah said...

glad to have you home soon...even if I'm not there! :)