Wednesday, May 27, 2009

change is afoot

Not to worry, readers of the blogosphere. I have not abandoned you. I have, instead, abandoned the art and craft of writing all together. No pen has touched a paper, no fingers have rattled a keyboard for many months now. At least, not in the pursuit of putting words together for the sake of pure pleasure.

Instead of writing, I've been crafting church polity, creating Christian community, spending days in meetings, and traveling coast to coast. Work, I tell you, often cramps my style. Luckily, what I get to do is fairly awesome. Like creating an offical BVS blog.

There's been a lot of rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep recently, too, what with a surgeried grandmother, a new tiny baby girl cousin arriving in the world, a fully hooded and graduated PhD friend, writing wedding liturgies, office layoffs, and attempting to keep up with my (7!) housemates.

Change is afoot, though. In 9 days, I move to Mississippi, where friends and culture and independent coffee shops and eternal summer converge. No longer confined to cubicle days, I expect more time and space to return to writing. And reading, for that matter.

It is the summer, though, season of ridiculous travel (haven't quite figured out which season is NOT the season of ridiculous travel in this work, actually), so I'll be flitting here and there, coast to coast. Catch me if you can.


Travis said...

It sounds to me like you haven't abandoned writing at all. It took some time for me to realize that writing liturgy more than my own poetry was in fact still writing. It was even writing that fed my spirit enough that I now am writing liturgy every chance I get, and starting an MA next year (I finish my MDiv in 2 days!) in worship studies.

Writing polity may or may not be that for you, but you probably wouldn't be writing it if it didn't fit you in some way. It's great that you'll get to write more of your own work independent of your professional role, too. Just don't stop writing; the rewards are too great to give up.

Anonymous said...

Travis is right. Keep writing. I like your blog better than most.(I have to exclude the ones featuring my grandchildren.) I pray that the change in location, climate & roommates will be like a fresh, mosquito-free, breeze on a summer evening.