Wednesday, December 02, 2009


At Callie's tagging insistence, I'll be blogging every day through the end of the year, capping off the year with an always-enjoyable "best-of" list.

What was your best trip in 2009?

My life is so mobile, I'm not sure which days count as "trips" anymore. Cheryl asked me this morning which place feels restful and at-home now. Um, wherever I am on any given day, I suppose. Any other answer would drive me insane, given that I'd never get to be there for any period longer than 12 days.

So, I'm going to create a Frankenstein of a trip, combining all the best elements of my many sojourns throughout this year:

I'll ride the train (certainly the most civilized mode of transportation) out to the West Coast, where the light and the peacocks and the roses make me think everything has potential for re-birth. I'll officiate a wedding for people I know dearly and celebrate into the wee morning hours with all the people who love them. I'll spend a couple of days with BVS volunteers who are full-up with optimism and hope and passion for restoring the world to it's original goodness. Then I'll while away a few hours on a beach with my entire crazy family, jaunt out to Yosemite to take in the GIGANTIC rock formations (who only wish they could be as dignified and wise as the Blue Ridge), and end the trip on a humid night sitting on a hot patio in Mississippi drinking Pacifico and probing the mysteries of the universe with boys whose accents drip off their tongues like honey. I'd road-trip it back to the East Coast, sip some coffee and eat fresh produce with friends in DC, then head back down to the mountains, giving thanks for the genius of the interstate highway system and rocking out to my custom-created road-trip soundtracks.

All of this really happened.

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