Saturday, December 05, 2009

huge, brilliant, joyful blur

Night out. Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world? Who was there? What was the highlight of the night?

Ohhhh, this one is an unbreakable tie between Katie and Ernie's wedding reception and the night o' wine with Meghan, Beth and Sharon. Night o' wine probably takes the cake for most enjoyable evening spent in Elgin (though honestly, it didn't exactly face a lot of stiff competition) - truth or dare, girly giggling, and one of the best bonding times I've actually ever had with a bunch of girls. But Kmrod and Ernie's reception started with mojitos, moved on to shots with the mother of the bride, and ended with smashing wine glasses on the dance floor. And, y'all, I was the MINISTER. It was just this huge, brilliant, joyful blur, and I got to spend it with two of my very best and oldest friends who are usually far, far away from me.

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