Sunday, April 04, 2010


It's Easter. Lent is over, the tomb is empty, birds are singing, and I am back in my apartment in Salem. I stopped blogging somewhere in the middle of this season, but I did not stop wandering.

In the last six weeks, I have built furniture in J's new house in Oxford, hung out in Russell's bachelor pad turned family home, talked vocation and transition with returning international volunteers in Illinois, celebrated grad school acceptances with Katie and discussed the respective merits of teaching v. research with Jess in Michigan, listened to the CoB board hash out future plans, planned and preached a worship service about Ruth's devotion to Naomi with Mary Jo and Josh, sat on Sharon's floor and heard of her seemingly unending discernment processes, taken Logan's expectation maintenance advice over Thai food, been encouraged by Cal's pronouncement that happiness begins at 28 (a mere 5 months away), soaked up lots of prodding and cajoling from Jon and Beth M. to move to Portland with them, led volunteers in discussions of vocation as narrative (does your life have a plot...?), spent a solid road-trip morning with Ben figuring out how to create community, warded off loneliness with delightful adventures with Beth B. in Miami, and then came back here, certain about even less than I had been before I left.

And it was lovely. And it continues. I fly to Europe in one week.

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