Monday, January 10, 2011


The first language of the church in a deeply broken world is not strategy, but prayer. The journey of reconciliation is grounded in a call to see and encounter the rupture of this world so truthfully that we are literally slowed down. We are called to a space where any explanation or action is too easy, too fast, too shallow - a space where the right response can only be a desperate cry directed to God. We are called to learn the anguished cry of lament.

- Katongole & Rice, Reconciling All Things

How can we speak peace when we won't even acknowledge violence?

For those killed and wounded in Arizona; Lord have mercy.

For those imprisoned in crushing cycles of mental illness; Lord have mercy.

For those caught up in cultures and societies of violence and vitriol; Lord have mercy.

On us, who silently condone and willfully ignore our world's deep pain and utter brokenness, jumping all too quickly to blame and anger and solutions or, worse yet, say nothing at all; Lord have mercy.

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