Wednesday, January 05, 2011

some daily driftwood

Home sick this week, I marked a milestone worth whining a bit about: being in one place for longer than 3 weeks. It's my stock small talk topic: I travel. A lot. More than a lot. But this week has put me over the hump, breaking my streak of transience that's lasted almost 4 years. That's right, 4 years - 46 months, to be exact. Let me whine a bit, would you, since it's my blog and my self-imposed moratorium on travel whining ended with the new year. 4 years! Without being in one place for a month!

Okay. Whining, check. And now, let's move on to the newly discovered glories of stability - and they are many.

1. Biorhythms! Look! My body knows how to sleep unaided, and then - after doing so - how to wake up on its own, and the same time every morning at that! 7:33, on the dot, every morning this week. Blessed be you, body, and your biorhythms and your hidden wisdom. Sleep, oh delightful, coveted sleep. It's delicious to fall asleep tired and wake up refreshed. DELICIOUS.

2. Food! Cooked in my kitchen with ingredients from my town (and a few surrounding farms) and eaten in my dining room (or living room recliner) with an accompanying magazine, newspaper or novel. I know what's in my food, y'all, and how it got there, and how much of it there is...because I put it there. Plus, vegetables! fruits! fresh baked banana bread! homemade granola! I'm not sure how many airport meals you've eaten over the course of your life, but - save the Jamba Juice Peanut Butter Moo'd smoothie - it's all carby, salty, greasy, plastic-wrapped cardboard. And it's usually consumed with an accompanying loudspeaker announcing delayed flights and incensed travelers cursing and mumbling profanity under their breath. Blue Ridge Outdoors and the New York Times make digestion so much more enjoyable.

3. Speaking of reading material, my booklist has gone through the roof this month. 8 books, 1 month! Look at all that free time, just magically appearing when I'm not standing in security lines, riding shuttles to and from airports, driving back and forth across the country, traveling through the weekend. I don't have cable, I live alone, I read a lot. I've also done crossword puzzles, and rented movies, and napped, and prayed, and listened to podcasts while jogging through my neighborhood, and painted my toenails, and sipped coffee across the street, and joined theological discussions, and hung with my family, and played with my tiny cousins, and navigated the internet for my grandparents, and made new friends, and - oh, right - blogged a bit. Just for you. Well, really for me. But also, for you.

4. Completed things. Tasks, decisions, long-overdue assignments. These things, they have been completed, decided, submitted, uploaded. We're hoping that a few of them make for more of life lived this new way, this still way, this way that's got me digging in with my fingernails and making me squeal shrilly at my calendar: "But I don't WAAAAAAANNA GOOOOOO!"

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