Saturday, July 23, 2011

culinary domesticity

My friend Beth gets the blame, I think, for making me learn to appreciate food. We lived together in the BVS house for several years, where we all shared the cooking - on a budget, gluten-free, mostly vegetarian - for a full table every night. Beth likes color, taste, and detail. She savors the experience of the world, and she'd spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner, the Wicked soundtrack blasting through the house. She once led an entire chapel service based on the sight and sound of a crisp green pepper being chopped. No kidding. Ask her.

So, I guess it's no surprise that it's Beth who's been getting my nightly dinner photo texts. I'm off the road for a bit, I live across the street from a farmer's market, my dad and I planted a garden in his backyard this spring, it's summertime, and I have all this time to spend in the kitchen. All those factors combine to create the decidedly lovely reality of daily homemade dinners. After months (years, I suppose) of airport and conference center food, coming home to an empty fridge and no energy to fill it, these days of ripe produce and farm fresh eggs are surefire nourishment (in more ways than one).

Today's triumph: Salsa, with corn leftover from scrumptious Home Place dinner last weekend, tomatoes from the garden, avocado, cilantro, onion and plenty of garlic.

Sick day brunch: farm-fresh eggs from the friendly Amish goat-cheese seller at the market, tart blackberries from down the road, garden tomatoes, cheese, Peet's coffee, OJ

Dinner on the hottest day of the year: garden squash roasted with dried rosemary, a TON of garlic + sprinkled with goat cheese; fresh blueberries, cubes of friendly Amish lady's goat cheese; WHO bread, Sierra Nevada's summer brew.

Breakfast for dinner: farm-fresh Amish lady eggs, garden tomatoes, fresh spinach + basil, roasted red potatoes, farmer's market blueberries, WHO bread.

Turns out, my coming home ritual has become: bake granola & WHO bread; visit farmer's market for eggs, berries, & goat cheese; pick tomatoes & squash from dad's garden

Come on over. We'll feast.


Beth said...

This post fills me with joy and makes me need to go into the kitchen this moment and sautee the yellow squash with perhaps some fresh oregano from the garden. Let't feast together soon!

bekah said...

oh my word - everything looks deliscious. wish I could come right on over.