Friday, October 14, 2011

native snark

There are days - sometimes few, sometimes myriad - that my native snark wrests control and governs with an iron fist. Today is one of those days, and I choose - lest I excise my angry wit into the laps of friends and coworkers - to deposit that snark here, in the safe and cushioned world of the internet. Y'all.

First: How is it possible to be/have not enough and altogether too much at the very same time? Not enough employment, too much to do. Not enough compassion, too much need. No one to hang out with here, too many people to see elsewhere. Decidedly lacking in the healthy routine department, bullet points dropping off the page on the to-be-completed list. There's got to be a simple answer to this one, people.

Second: Stop crying "peace, peace" when there most obviously IS NO PEACE, you demagogues intent upon muzzling some obviously needed truth speaking. The occupiers - aka my cohort of underemployed, indebted, disenchanted young adults - are just making plain the actual dismal state of economic affairs in our country. It's not going to go away.

Third: What is up with the clinging to the sinking ship strategy? Is it just that the familiar evil is more comfortable than the unknown? Am I alone in recognizing that times are changing, things are shifting, but the Spirit moves nonetheless? Seriously, people, it's right there in the story: death happens before re-birth. Otherwise, there'd be no resurrection. It would just be...institutions sustained by human effort. What's so incredible, so divine, so upside-down about that? Might as well go ahead and stock your shelves with Ayn Rand.

Fourth: Look. For the gazillionth time: Just because I lack a penis does not mean that I lack a) logic b) leadership ability c) chutzpah or d) the wherewithal to drive/eat/travel/live/think/pay/carry heavy myself. In fact, I exercise each and every single one of those qualities on a daily - some days hourly - basis. These qualities are in no way related to the region of male genitalia or an abundance of testosterone. SO STOP STARING.

Fifth: Loving people is hard. That's a snark-free bonus, y'all. Just straight-up truth.

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Malea Hetrick said...

ooooooh number 4. amen sister.